The Wings and Wheels Festival Uitenhage started as a small fundraising event for the Reformed Church Uitenhage and the Uitenhage Airfield Association.
In 2019 it joined forces with Klinicare  now is known as the Klinicare Wings and Wheels Festival Uitenhage.

2.    NAME:
The name of the association is:  Klinicare Wings and Wheels Festival Uitenhage (hereafter referred to as the Association)

  3.1    The association is a public, non-profit organization with the following objects:
     3.1.1    To provide a community Festival to bring people/different communities together, provide entertainment,
                 refreshments; encourage socializing to promote social cohesion through cooperation. 
     3.1.2    The Festival must serve as a vehicle to provide social upliftment.
     3.1.3    To expose the community to aviation, 4 X 4 vehicles, other new & vintage vehicles, motorcycles and stalls
                 relating to same. At the same time provide exposure and/or guidance to the youth regarding possible
                 career opportunities in the aforesaid files of aviation/motoring industries.
     3.1.4    To raise as much funds as possible, which will be utilized to organize future festivals, as well as to provide
                 financial assistance/donations to various charities and/or Religion institutions as may be decided on and by
                 the management committee.
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